Get to know us!

We are happy husband and wife artist team living in the beautiful mountain town, Flagstaff, Az. We have 4 wonder children and 4 silly & big furbabies (dogs).

You can read more about each of us below.

Jason Oberman pita jungle.jpg

I have always created art, I think most do as children. I am a 20+ year retired combat veteran, but art was always my passion and therapy. I started with graphite and after my first 8 years in the army, my parents bought me my first Aztek airbrush. This is when my creative side really opened up. Even though I returned to the army, my creativity was sparked and I continued painting. Here it is 25+ years later and 2 art degrees, I am fully focused on sharing my passion and drive for art. My paintings continue to grow in size and I have expanded to include oil painting. In the near future I will be starting my own youtube channel which will focus on art and how this can work as therapy for veterans and their families.


Like Jason, I created art as a kid and loved it. In high school I had planned to go to art school, but plans change. In 1999, I was in a work related accident that I would never bounce back from, becoming fully disabled and in a lot of pain and depression really hit me hard. After being bed ridden for several years, I start doing marker coloring posters with my boys & little animal drawings. I found my old box of chalk pastels sticks & started creating. In 2005, I found pyrography (wood burning). Prior to pyrography I had been working with graphite, colored pencils, and markers. Burning sucked me in immediately and I fell in love. 13.5 years later I am still doing pyrography and trying to challenge myself with each new piece.

In July of 2016, I upload my first youtube video and my pyrography channel was born. My biggest goal is helping others to grow in their burning adventure; teaching techniques that took me years to figure out as a self taught artist. Although I'm still creating personal pieces available for sale, I can also use these to teach you how I create them. I now have over 150 videos available. I also to a youtube live stream every Tuesday at 11am AZ time.